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Speech Synthesis & OCR for Indian Languages

RaGaVeRa's Kannada TTS exceeds the quality of Google and Nuance Kannada TTS

Comparison of the quality of RaGaVeRa’s TTS against Google’s WaveNet and Nuance’s Kannada TTS as assessed by 55 natives of Kannada. RaGaVeRa’s TTS got a mean preference score of 78.2% in contrast to 13.1% for Google’s TTS and 5.1% for Nuance’s TTS.

Our TTS system was able to achieve an MOS of 4.42 ± 0.53 when compared to the ground truth 4.55 ± 0.56 based on the evaluation of 25 Kannada natives.

A survey was conducted to compare our synthesized speech with the human speech and it was seen that people preferred the synthesized speech over human speech.

Winner of Elevate 2019

Idea2POC Grant from Govt. of Karnataka

State of the art Neural TTS in Indian Langauges

Project - Voice of Choice

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Project - Gift of New Abilities

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Technological Differentiation

20+ years of extensive research done at IISc on Indian language technologies (effort of 12 Ph.D., 8 M.S. & 12 research staff as shown in the timeline below) is being taken into our startup.