About Us

Our Vision

Create breakthrough technologies for information/communication/business access beyond language barriers

Examples of new possibilities that we want to see fulfilled:

  • Listen to any inspirational leader’s speech in our own mother tongue in the same voice and emotion as that of the original speaker.

  • Automatic dubbing of movies/TV serials/cartoons/documentaries from English to Indian languages or between Indian languages.

  • Anyone being able to read any signboard through their own script. For ex. an Assamese being able to read Gujarati bus boards in Assamese script.


Co-founder & Chairman
  • 27+ years of research at IISc – AI, Speech (TTS, ASR), Image (OCR), Biometrics, Neuro Science

  • 300+ research papers, 5 patents

  • TDIL, GoI consortium projects on Handwriting Recognition and OCR – Rs 12+ crore

  • Leadership training in Landmark Education: Led seminars to 1000’s of landmark graduates from various walks of life.

Co-founder & CEO
  • 15+ years of product development experience in IBM Software Labs

  • PhD in TTS & OCR from IISc

  • Compiler development, JavaEE server development (Apache Committer), Web development, Android, iOS & hybrid mobile app development, Cloud Solution Architect

  • Leadership training in Landmark Education: 2005-2011



Founder and Director Forus Health, Renalyx and Rx DHP

Former Vice-Chancellor of the Kuvempu University

Chairman, Entrepreneurship Cell at Indian Institute of Science (IISc)

A. G. Giridharan

CEO, Harita Seating Systems Limited